Q&A with Ron Kind

    I’ve been meeting with many employers both big and small. They are the locomotive of our economy. I’ve worked on initiatives that allow self-employed people to deduct health insurance premiums as well as have businesses write-off investments immediately. I’ve worked on offering tax credits to small businesses that provide health care and have worked with small …

Tammy Baldwin and Ron Kind honor Senator Kohl

Senator Herb Kohl, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, and Congressman Ron Kind all attended the corn roast in West Salem Thursday night. The roast is an annual event put on by Kind and his team, but this year it had more significant meaning as it was a night to honor Senator Kohl for his 24 years of service as Senator. Currently Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson are campaigning …

Apples to Twinkies: Federal money flows to junk food ingredients

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, is a leader among farm bill reform and advocates amendments that will reduce these “huge taxpayer subsidies.”

Quota system could sour milk production

Rep. Ron Kind says he is leery of a component in the  farm bill  being considered in Congress that could hurt Wisconsin dairy farmers and cheese plants. He's right to be leery - and his concerns should be felt by the rest of the Wisconsin delegation, who should do what they can to change it.

Kind returns budget money in symbolic gesture

Kind announced he is returning $120,078, about 8.6 percent of his 2011 office budget, to the U.S. Treasury to be applied to the deficit.

Kind disagrees with Walker's healthcare plan

Kind tells WXOW that the plan will go into effect and believes that the state needs to keep up. "We need to start moving forward on it as soon as possible to get things in place by 2014," says Kind. "These health insurance exchanges are something I worked very hard on.  I think it makes sense.  You introduce competition with competing health care plans."

Lawmakers reach deal to stop student loan rates from rising

A last minute proposal to keep student loan interest rates from doubling has bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate and could pass Congress by today, Rep. Ron Kind said.

Ron Kind: It’s never too late honor our nation’s heroes

As a nation, we have a special responsibility to remember these brave individuals, not just on Memorial Day but throughout the year. We have an obligation to support their families who live with the loss of their loved one each and every day.
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